Thursday, March 17, 2011

All About Eating

About a month ago I picked Addy up at school and had to sign an incident report. He had bitten another child on the belly. (That same child has bitten him several times in the past, so it was delayed revenge.) On the way home I talked to him about it, and explained that we don't bite our friends. He responded, "I ate him like a SNACK!"

The other day we had peeled and eaten some clementines at lunch. Addy really likes to peel his own. He finished one and asked for another "lemon thyme".

Maya and I were talking about where mangoes come from, we had a few the other day and both kids love them. I was saying that they are tropical, and probably come from an island somewhere, but I wasn't sure which ones. Maya said, "maybe Rhode Island?"

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